Traffic Management always is the big concern of government, how to detect violations and control traffic safety and order? although traffic officers just can help partially. With Jointech’s smart traffic solutions, the government can optimize their management and minimize labor utilization. 

Our offer solutions:

    • Easily setting violation zones
    • Detect traffic violations
    • Trigger alarm to monitor center
    • Verify reported events
    • Traffic ticket management




Our intelligence systems enable users setting violation zones by traffic signs, behaviors, real-time alarm display,….The system will synchronize devices and send separate violation images to the central management.

These traffic cameras focus in on passing vehicles and extract attributes such as the vehicle’s make, model, and color, along with license plate number. They then tag and archive that data with time and location information. This provides a database for advanced and powerful searches that allow for flexible combinations of vehicle attributes, time, and location criteria.

Traffic Flow Reports generate key data in visualized graphs to bring new insights to light. Through analyzing historical and real-time traffic data, a management team can predict flow with more accuracy.

Traffic cameras automatically identify and report traffic violation events such as running red lights, speeding, improper lane usage, illegal parking, using a phone while driving, and failure to use a seat belt. Traffic officers can then search for and verify reported events manually. And when violations are confirmed, traffic officers can issue traffic tickets using the captured video as evidence.