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CCTV plays a crucial role in any physical security system, whether protecting critical infrastructure, high-risk sites, commercial residential sites, retail spaces, or any other urban or remote location.

Over the past decade, advances in technology and hardware have vastly improved these CCTV security systems with developments in thermal network cameras, radar detection systems, alarm sensors, and now even drones that accomplish unprecedented security tasks.                                      
More recently, the development of advanced algorithms has helped to reduce false alarms that many of these devices trigger automatically. But consistent, reliable verification between true and false alarms was still lacking.

But now Jointech offers diversified CCTV protection solutions combine with AI Software which boasts highly-effective false alarm reduction.

Artificial intelligence is based on artificial neural networks, which are algorithms that try to mimic the behavior of the human brain.Operationally we can consider a neural network as a “processing box” that can be trained so that from one input dataset it can generate one or more outputs.

Compared to video analysis software on the market today, our AI Software can reduce the amount of “false positive” alarms considerably.

Today the platform can detect over 80 objects such as: person, boat, car, motorcycle, truck, plane, cellphone, notebook, television, suspect, weapon, long gun, motorcycle helmet, (person) with helmet or without safety helmet – PPE, etc.

Through constant “teaching” and “training” the number of objects will continue to grow while improving its accuracy and performance.


Object Detection

Equipped with AI Software, Jointech’s CCTV products offer sophisticated alarm activation by combining objects identification conditions such as people, animals, phones, leaves, raindrops, shadows, and more. Our AI Software also allow you to configure the alert only for the objects that you need.

  • False alarm reduction with higher accuracy
  • Quick target search
  • Round-the-clock high-resolution images
  • Easy deployment and installation


Suspicious and / or Flagrant Behavior Alarm

Jointech AI Software is designed to address situations where there are suspicious and / or blatant behaviors such as a person entering a pharmacy, bank, supermarket without removing the motorcycle helmet.

In such situations it is possible to configure an alert when the software recognizes the “helmet” or “person with weapon” object, among others.

Weapons detection technology has become a valuable tool that many security professionals are giving more consideration to, in light of the gun violence tragedies we see in our society on a regular basis.

It’s important for schools, facilities and places of public gathering to become more proactive and save lives and minimize the tragedy.

Detecting an Active Shooter early can Enhance Emergency or Law enforcement Response.


PPE Control: Safety Helmet Use

The use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is fundamental in the fight for the prevention and protection of workers. Therefore, ensuring that the protective helmet is in use is of paramount importance.
In this way, our AI Software is able to identify whether the worker is wearing the helmet or not, regardless of the helmet color.

Object Counting

Using AI Software, you can determine the minimum or maximum number of objects allowed in a given area.
For example, in the image we have a parking lot. Through the system we can program an alarm that warns when the car spaces are all filled. Thus, the operator upon receiving the notice may take appropriate action.

Another application would be for controlling queues or areas. The maximum number of people per row (or area) and the maximum waiting time can be determined. Thus, when the amount and time is exceeded an alarm is triggered for the operator.

Crossing Line / Counting

With crossing line you can trigger an alarm when some object is crossing the line and keep a counting of the events.
By applying In/Out counting logic, you can have live count of how many people inside a store or an office. When there are more that one entrances, it will be a total sum of those entrances.

Contains Logic

Using “contains” logic you can be able to know if there is an object inside another object or if there is no target object. Example: You may want an alarm with someone is wearing a mask or if someone is not wearing a mask.

Furthermore, trigger an alarm when object is stopped or loitering inside a zone more than X seconds.

Motion Heatmap

You can activate a motion Heatmap to highlight in your image the most movemented areas. The system will save a snapshots of the heatmap every X seconds configured.

Social Distance Monitoring

Using Distance logic you can trigger alarms if you have two or more objects near each other more than X metre apart.

It has never been more critical during Coronavirus pandemic in our efforts to protecting the public and stopping the spread of Coronavirus and helping businesses get back to a new normal.


Our solutions are not only information above and limited in any cases. With Jointech’s experienced team in security field, we advise and accompany with our customers until the best exclusive solution is designed. We believe that each solution we offer will be efficient in our customers’ case. Furthermore, we would love to listen feedback from customers to constantly improve our service and satisfy their needs.

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