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Elevate Connectivity and Security

Our Building Intercom System is designed to transcend traditional communication barriers, offering a range of features that redefine how occupants interact and stay connected:

Key Features:

1. Smart Intercom Stations:

  • Deploy cutting-edge intercom stations with intuitive interfaces.
  • Enable swift and clear communication between different areas of your building.

2. Access Control Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrate intercoms with access control systems.
  • Monitor and grant access with ease, enhancing overall security.

3. Video Intercom for Visual Verification:

  • Incorporate video capabilities for visual verification of visitors.
  • Enhance security with real-time identification and communication.

4. Mobile Connectivity:

  • Stay connected on the go with mobile intercom features.
  • Receive calls and manage access remotely for added convenience.

Why Choose Jointech?

  • Innovation: Jointech is at the forefront of technological advancements, offering innovative solutions tailored to your communication needs.
  • Security Integration: Our Building Intercom System seamlessly integrates with security protocols, providing a comprehensive solution.
  • Reliability: Count on Jointech for reliable communication systems that prioritize the safety and convenience of your occupants.

Elevate Communication Standards Today

Transform your building into a connected and secure space with Jointech’s Building Intercom System. Experience the next level of communication efficiency and security. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our tailored solutions can elevate your building’s communication standards.


Our solutions are not only information above and limited in any cases. With Jointech’s experienced team in security field, we advise and accompany with our customers until the best exclusive solution is designed. We believe that each solution we offer will be efficient in our customers’ case. Furthermore, we would love to listen feedback from customers to constantly improve our service and satisfy their needs.

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