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Welcome to Jointech

In an era where security meets smart technology, Jointech introduces its Hotel and Residence Smart Locking System—a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly combines robust security with effortless access for unparalleled convenience.


Redefining Access Control for Hospitality and Residences

Our Smart Locking System is designed to enhance security measures while providing a seamless and intelligent access experience for both hotel guests and residents:


Key Features:

1. Keyless Entry with Smart Credentials:

  • Eliminate the need for traditional keys with smart cards, mobile keys, or PIN codes.
  • Enhance security and convenience with keyless access options.

2. Real-time Monitoring and Access Control:

  • Monitor and control access to rooms in real-time.
  • Customize access permissions based on guest profiles or residence requirements.

3. Integration with Building Management Systems:

  • Seamlessly integrate with building management systems for centralized control.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and security protocols.

4. Enhanced Guest and Resident Experience:

  • Provide a frictionless and modern experience with state-of-the-art locking technology.
  • Elevate the overall satisfaction of guests and residents with hassle-free access.


Why Choose Jointech?

  • Security Expertise: Jointech brings a decade of expertise in security solutions, ensuring the highest standards of safety.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our Smart Locking System is adaptable to the unique needs of hotels and residences, offering a customized experience.
  • Reliability: Count on Jointech for a reliable and robust locking system that prioritizes both security and convenience.


Elevate Security and Access Control Today

Transform the security landscape of your hotel or residence with Jointech’s Hotel and Residence Smart Locking System. Embrace the future of secure, smart access. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our tailored solutions can redefine security and access in your establishment.


Hotel and Residence Smart Locking System
Hotel and Residence Smart Locking System
Hotel and Residence Smart Locking System


Our solutions are not only information above and limited in any cases. With Jointech’s experienced team in security field, we advise and accompany with our customers until the best exclusive solution is designed. We believe that each solution we offer will be efficient in our customers’ case. Furthermore, we would love to listen feedback from customers to constantly improve our service and satisfy their needs.

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