With Jointech’s products, provide the secure from stores to spacious shopping malls an updated high level. We not only protect your properties, ensure safety for your customers, but also support your business in attracting and taking care of your customers.

Benefits you’re going to have:

    • Loss prevention
    • Intelligence Marketing
    • Data analysis
    • Pre-incident warning
    • Real-time Alarm for the quick response
    • Quick evidential retrieve

Pre-Incident Warning

The retailers are always in a ready position to welcome customers, our systems will inform retailers about who will come to their stores, which helps retailers serve their customers better. 

Timely Alarms for Quick Response

Jointech’s camera security will alert retailers for violations or suspicious behavior, so retailers can intervene at right time in order to prevent loss. Our systems will upgrade security of their stores and bring comfort for their customers to shop. 

Quick Evidence Retrieval

Our systems can categorize and retrieve exactly objects that retailers are looking for based on simple keywords. Large data storage and recognition, the systems can alert retailers in advance to have protected reaction. 


Excluding Staffs

Jointech has worked on helping customers collect the most accurate data. The new people counting camera is now able to recognize repetitive entries or non-shoppers (including staffs and securities) and exclude such data. 

Excluding Repetitive Customers

In order to obtain even more accurate customer traffic data, our camera systems are able to exclude customers who repetitively enter the store or who is just passing by.  

Customer Traffic Report

Knowing how many people visited your store and being able to analyze the patterns and trends of shoppers are crucial to any kind of store, big or small.