To protect students, teachers, employees and parents in campus, against intrusion by objects suspected of criminals or theft or terrorism. A campus-specific solution with systems: voice and facial recognition, video recording, behavior analysis by AI Software, warning system, … to help everyone on campus safe and peace of mind focusing on study and work.

Parking Management

Schools usually meet problems with Parking Management: how to control parking in parking lot, inspect strange vehicles, vehicles quantity management,…… With Jointech Parking management system and radar triggered capture camera can be installed for license plates recognition. To enhance security, vehicle checkpoints can be deployed at arterial roads to detect and record the speed of passing vehicles, and give out alarm on unregistered vehicles.

Access Control & Checking Attendance

With Jointech Access Control, schools can easily tracking who in and out the campus: For students and staff, their information can be registered in the system and get the permission of access during working and studying time. For visitors management, the systems can help visitors make reservations and registration quickly and conveniently. 

Combining with access control, checking attendance also be plug-in. The system can help summarize and recognize which students in which class, and how many students present within a day.

Public Area Protection

To better protect the safety of students and staff and prevent property loss, it is necessary to watch what’s happening in common areas especially key public areas in educational environments. With our Cameras, you can get a comprehensive view of the real-time image of school gates, dormitory gates, school roads, buildings, checkpoints and more. In public areas like canteens, libraries and buildings, our intelligent video surveillance solution helps detect non-staff and suspects in the blacklist, and is a powerful tool to search people under urgent circumstances. It is also a good idea to apply the solution in stairways, where there might be large flow of students occasionally.