At Jointech we believe products play an important role in all of our solutions.  In order to get the most out of any product we need to ensure that we adhere to strict selection and testing criteria’s before approving any product for our customers.  Our brand is the heartbeat of our company, therefore we protect this by only partnering with reputable and reliable suppliers.  It has taken years for some suppliers to get onboard, as we don’t take any risks with the products we offer.
Jointech supply hardware falling into 3 main categories.  These are as follows
We understand that some businesses have their own engineers and support team, therefore we also act as suppliers of hardware for many companies.  Our sales team are experienced in all products that we stock therefore can be used as a point of contact for any product related enquiries.  At Jointech we pride ourselves on providing tier 1 level support for all our products ensuring your warranty claims or technical enquiries will be handle efficiently and effectively.  Our business model around hardware supply is based around limiting or eliminating any downtime from any hardware issues.